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Are you a DESMOND Educator? Where are you on our Quality Development (QD) pathway? Want to get your mentoring visit booked?


With the recent appointment of a team of salaried National DESMOND Assessors the number of mentoring and QD visits that are taking place is increasing rapidly, so get yours booked ASAP. It is recommended that once you have attended our training that you begin delivering as soon as possible, requesting your mentoring visit approximately 6 months after training. At your mentoring visit one of our National Assessors will observe you delivering for 3 hours, you should then allow upto an hour where you will discuss and provide feedback, explore any issues raised and develop an agreed action plan.


Following this you will receive a QD visit approximately 6 months later where you will be observed delivering for the whole 6 hours. Each Educator is required to deliver at least one professional story and either session B, J or K for the purpose of DOT (DESMOND Observation Tool) with an overall delivery of approximately 50% of the sessions.


The QD pathway has been developed to provide all Educators with a pathway of professional and personal development, and ensures that patients are receiving the standard of delivery that demonstrated the positive outcomes shown in the Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT).


Once you are ready for your mentoring visit or require any further information please contact Ciara Heverin

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