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The DESMOND Lay Educator study is now complete!

The DESMOND Lay Educator study is now complete!

The aim of the DESMOND Lay Educator study was to determine whether, with appropriate selection, training and support, lay people, trained as DESMOND Educators, could together with a Healthcare Professional partner, deliver structured self management education with the same degree of intervention fidelity, quality and efficacy as trained Healthcare Professional Educators.


The study was conducted between 2008 and 2011 and consisted of two phases: phase one, a development phase involving the recruitment, selection and training of lay Educators; and phase two, the main trial phase. A total of four primary care organisations across England and Scotland (Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Leicestershire and West Lothian) took part in the main trial phase along with 5 lay Educators. The lay Educators underwent standard DESMOND Educator training as well as additional training which was provided through an iterative cycle of feedback. All lay Educators were assessed via the Quality Development (QD) pathway, as provided by the DESMOND National Programme, and as a result were accredited by the end of the study.


A total of 260 participants were recruited and attended a course facilitated by either a team of two Healthcare Professional (HCP) Educators or a joint team of a Lay Educator (LE) and a Healthcare Professional Educator. The outcomes of the study showed that lay people can deliver the DESMOND structured education programme, in partnership with a HCP Educator to the same quality, standard and providing comparable patient outcomes. The results of the study were presented at the Diabetes UK annual professional conference 2012 in Glasgow. A paper reporting the results is being prepared for submission.


A final gathering was held in April 2012 with all the people involved in the study: Lay Educators, Healthcare Professional Educators, co-ordinators, trainers and members of the research team. The day was an opportunity to thank all those involved in the success of the study and to present the study findings. The event was attended by two distinguished guests from Diabetes UK; Dr Iain Frame (the then Director of Research) and Mr Richard Lane OBE (President) who kindly presented the Lay Educators with their DESMOND accreditation certificates. Thank you to them and Diabetes UK for their continued support.


Once again a huge thank you to all those involved in the study! The results of the study will be published soon so keep an eye out!


Mandalia et al 2014

Our qualitative paper relating to the Lay Educator Study

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Carey et al 2014

Our study results paper available for you to download

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