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People with Diabetes 

Maria Michael attended the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed session

‘Thank you’ from Maria

Maria Michael attended the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed session after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in June 2014.


Maria said: “The programme had a significant impact on me personally and I have been going around singing its praises. The session was very productive and was quite an eye opener – it certainly helped in my determination to change things around and try to keep my diabetes under control. I was very encouraged by DESMOND. I knew that from the moment I left the session things were going to change – and change they did.


“I don't eat the rubbish I used to eat and I am exercising a little more than I used too. Earlier this month I had my first blood test since being diagnosed, and despite having lost one and a half stone, I was still quite nervous about the results, given that a busy work schedule has meant I have not increased my exercise regime they way I would have wanted to. However, the results were good and the nurse was pleased with my progress and was also pleased to hear how I felt about the DESMOND programme. 


“I hope to continue to control my diabetes and I still have a positive outlook and only hope I don't lose track.  So, thank you very much for the programme, and all the efforts and advice provided by the trainers, which is very much appreciated.” 

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