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DESMOND QD team meeting

Quality group revising observational tools

The team responsible for DESMOND Quality Development is revising the programme’s observational tools.


The tools being looked at include the DESMOND Observation Sheet (DOS) and the DESMOND Observational Tool (DOT).


Sue Cradock, DESMOND Lead for Quality Assessment, said: “Not all education is the same. By having a quality assessment process in place, it helps to ensure that the high standards delivered on a DESMOND course are the same from John O’Groats to Land’s End.”


Sue, who is doing a PhD into the effectiveness of the programme’s observational tools, said: “We are going to be changing the observational tools to make it even easier for educators and we will be looking for feedback in due course.”


The DESMOND Quality Development Group meets monthly with a remit to maintain and enhance the high standards associated with the DESMOND Programme.


DESMOND Director Bernie Stribling said: “This is about protecting the DESMOND brand, further developing our educators and maximising our ability to improve health outcomes through engagement.”


The Quality Development processes for the DESMOND programme include both internal and external processes. The internal processes are focused on the educator undertaking personal and peer reflection on their practice following their initial training. The external component starts with the initial training support and is followed by the application of external review tools.

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