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Changes to the Newly Diagnosed Curriculum (2016 Version)

It has been come to our attention that there has been a misprint in certain parts of the new Newly Diagnosed curriculum that we need to make you aware about.


Please could the educators who have the new curriculum adapt it reflect this:


  1. In Session C on page 5 There is a question that says 'What is the ideal range for blood glucose levels which keep the body healthy?'


The question should say ' What is the normal range of blood glucose for someone who does not have diabetes?'


The answer in the curriculum is correct as it currently stands That is "Usually blood glucose levels do not fall lower than 4mmol/l and rarely go higher than 8mmol/l"



  1. In Session D - Current NICE Guidelines have not made any recommendations for fasting or post prandial test results.


However Diabetes UK makes the following suggestions for people with diabetes:

Before meals people should aim for blood glucose levels of 4-7mmol/l and 2 hours after a meal less than 8.5 mmol/l

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