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Edits to the Newly Diagnosed Curriculum (2016 Version)

It has been come to our attention that there has been a miscalculation in certain parts of the new Newly Diagnosed curriculum that we need to make you aware about.


Please could the educators who have the new curriculum adapt it reflect this:

  • Please note that both within the curriculum and the patient handbooks relating to the 100 calorie activity it should state the portion size of butter/oil/margarine equal to 100 kcals is approximately 12g.


  • It would appear in the ND/F and Let's Prevent patient handbook the portion size stated is 15g but in both curriculums for these modules it correctly states 12g.


  • The patient handbooks are being amended to state the correct portion size of 12g not 15g. In the meantime, while old stock of patient handbooks are being used up, please be aware of this anomaly

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