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New update to the DESMOND Order Form

Updates Version of the DESMOND Order Forms

Please see attached 2 of the updated order forms we are circulating to sites. This will need to replace any order forms that you may have saved on the system.


If previous forms have been distributed around your site, then please can you make sure that these forms are forwarded on to the relevant people and the old ones are deleted.

The Changes:

  • We have changed the order quantity. If orders are placed which are not in this quantity range, we will return the form back to the sender to change and re-send back to us. If you wish to place a larger order, then please do not hesitate to mention that when placing it.
  • You will need to tell your procurement team of this change so they are aware that this order quantities. If Purchase Orders are sent that do not reflect these changes, we will be in contact and ask the buyer to redo the whole order and re-send it back to us for verification and processing.


Please could you mention to your procurement team (if necessary) that a £12.00 compulsory delivery charge needs to be added onto all orders that are placed through them. This is to ensure that there are no delays in your delivery times. If your PO team cannot do so, then please ask them to let us know.


On a polite note, we have had many order forms that have come in half complete or with incorrect invoice details. Could you make sure that ALL sections are completed fully with the relevant information so it does not delay the verification process.


All orders needs to be placed through the following email address


If you have an queries, then please don't hesitate to get in touch on 0116 258 5881 or via email


Walking Away Order Form

Please download and save over any other forms that you may have

Download Document

Newly Diagnosed Order Form

Please download and save over any other forms that you may have

Download Document
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