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DESMOND: Providing award-winning training

Achieve new CCG framework requirements with DESMOND

A new CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) has replaced both the existing CCG assurance framework and CCG performance dashboard. 


This new framework provides a greater focus on assisting improvement alongside our statutory assessment function.


Commissioning DESMOND means you are achieving your CCG IAF along with Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) requirements.


DESMOND is a NICE Quality Assured structured education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes.


As a structured education programme it can help you as a CCG to help achieve your improvement and assessment framework targets.


With the advent of the Diabetes STPs, the DESMOND programme helps deliver the successes required by 2020 through supporting people to manage their care effectively.


DESMOND as a programme can be delivered over one six-hour session or 2 half day sessions and when it comes to recording this on GP practice systems in readiness for the National Diabetes Audit the following codes can be applied: