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Latest News 

Sugar Update 

Please read below for changes made to sugars


The definition of High Sugar has now changed to >22.5g per 100g this is in line with European policy and has been adopted by Diabetes UK and The British Heart Foundation.

As soon as the patient handbooks go for reprint, this information will be included but in the meantime please can we ask that you alter the handbooks and your curriculum to reflect this advice?


There has also been a change to the formulation of original Lucozade (380ml)

From 17g carbohydrate per 100ml to 8.9g carbohydrate per 100ml effective from April 17.

This will mean the number of sugar cubes this represents should be altered in the sugar cube activity to reflect this change where 1 sugar cube = 3G carbohydrate


In addition, DAFNE have advised the portion of Lucozade (380ml) advised to treat a hypo has changed to 170-225ml if blood glucose <3.5mmol/l

Or 110ml if blood glucose below target but > or = to 3.5mmol/l


Finally we are aware that the sugar content in all soft drinks will change in 2018 in line with the sugar tax we will contact you in due course when the exact information about this comes into effect so you can adjust any patient material accordingly. 

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