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Professional Development News 

New QD Tools

DESMOND Quality Development Tools Revamped

The DESMOND Collaborative is delighted to announce the launch of a new set of evidence based Quality Development Tools.


Extensive research by Dr Sue Cradock has resulted in the development of a new set of Quality Development Tools (QD Tools) including a new Core Behaviours Assessment Tool. This will now be used by QD Assessors and Educators to more accurately capture and meaningfully reflect on behaviours used during the delivery of the DESMOND modules.


The National QD Assessors will now start using these new tools for mentor visits and will provide further information and training in their use during the feedback session following the visit. The tools will be used for QD accreditation from 3rd 2017. If you have had a mentor visit and have a QD visit booked after 3rd April your QD Assessor will be in touch with you to discuss the new QD tool. If your QD accreditation visit is before 3rd April 2017 the current tool will be used.


The new Quality Development Tools along with an Educator Core Behaviour Assessment Guidance Manual, that explains each of the behaviours in more detail, are attached. You can now start using these to aid your development. If you are currently following the QD pathway towards accreditation your National QD Assessor will contact you to discuss these changes further.


If you have any queries about the revision of the tool please contact National Office at or speak to your National Assessor directly for more information.


New Quality Development Framework Document

Please download to see the new changes made to the Quality Development Framework

Download Document

Changes To Quality Development Tools

Please download to see more about the changes to all the QD tools

Download Document
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