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DESMOND Ordering

To All DESMOND Staff,


We have been experiencing issues with ordering over the past month, we would like to remind you the guidance on how to order your resources:



Please use fax (0116 258 6165) as your last option as we cannot guarantee that we will receive your order as we have problems in the past where it has not come through and orders were delayed.


If the above guidance is not followed, your order will be returned back to the sender and will not be processed until the relevant details are added. This also goes for Purchase Orders.


Purchase Orders

If your trust requires you to raise a purchase order for goods, then please ensure that it is sent along with your order, otherwise we can not guarantee that it will appear on the invoice and therefore may cause unnecessary delay. Please could you add on a £12.00 compulsory delivery charge when putting your order through procurement? This helps us to process your order much more efficiently.