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The power of self-management: Diabetes education and self-management for on-going and newly diagnosed individuals with Type 2 diabetes (DESMOND) as a self-management education programme in chronic disease management. 

Barrett M.B.   Health Promotion and Improvement, Health Service Executive West, Limerick, Ireland




With the level of Type 2 diabetes and the burdening cost of chronic disease increasing there is a need for effective self-management education programmes.



To determine if DESMOND is effective in promoting a self - management approach with individuals with diabetes.



This study examined clinical data of 114 participants who attended DESMOND and a review session. Data gathered included pre and post bloods e.g. HbA1c and lipids. Statistical analysis involved using t-tests, with a significance level of 5%. Qualitative data was collected at review sessions with 34 participants using participatory learning appraisal methodology.



There was a significant reduction in mean HbA1c of 8mmol/mol from 62mmol/mol before DESMOND attendance to 54mmol/mol after DESMOND. There was a significant reduction in mean total cholesterol levels of 0.18mmol/l from 4.44mmol/l to 4.26mmol/l and a significant reduction was found in mean triglyceride levels of 0.2mmol/l from 1.5mmol/l to 1.3mmol/l. 88% of participants rated 5 and above on a scale of 1-10 on how well they were managing their diabetes since attending DESMOND. Positive lifestyle changes achieved included improvements in diet, an increase in physical activity, and increase in blood monitoring, self-reported weight loss ranging from 7-25kg and blood pressure reductions. In addition, the participants were empowered to highlight further needs in relation to lifestyle and maintaining weight loss.



This study highlights that DESMOND is effective in the management of diabetes and as a self-management programme for chronic disease management.