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Costs for DESMOND in the UK Explained 

DESMOND modules are a cost effective way of improving your patient outcomes

Costs for hosting the DESMOND Programme in the UK

The costs for hosting the DESMOND Programme split into three distinct areas: annual licence fee, Educator fees and resources and all are explained more fully below.


1. Annual Licence Fee


General population size x £0.015p = £????

(For example – population of 190,000 x 0.015 = £2850.00)


This is a set figure regardless of how many DESMOND modules you invest in, therefore the more modules you invest in, the more cost effective the Programme becomes.


2. Educator Fees


The fees for training Educators split into 4 areas as described below:


a. Training

All DESMOND training is £350.00 per day per Educator


Training available (correct as of Oct 2012) is:

  • Core Training
  • Newly Diagnosed and Foundation (ND/F) module training
  • Walking Away from Diabetes module training
  • BME South Asian module training -this can only be taken after attending the ND/F training
  • Preparing to become a Lay (non-HCP) DESMOND Educator – this day is for any lay or non-registered HCPs looking to train, and must be attended approx 2-3 months before attending Core and ND/F training


Dates and venue for forthcoming training can be found by clicking here


b. Quality Development & Study Days

Charged 1 year after initial training, the fee for Quality Development & Study Day is £850.00 per Educator


c. Site Support Visits

Only applicable to sites with lay and non-registered HCPs trained as Educators, the fee is £500.00 per cohort (for further explanation, please click here)


To see the full document, please download a copy of it below.


3. Resources

Please find details of our resource costs by clicking here


For more details on any of the above please contact 0116 2585881 or email


PDF document

DESMOND Hosting Document 2016

Please download this document to see the full breakdown of costings

Download Document

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