Further Developments 

New Programme Modules

Building on the foundation of existing DESMOND programmes. A new wave of DESMOND programmes will soon be emerging from research, fit for purpose, evidence-based, and ready to be made available throughout the UK.

Because these programmes build on existing DESMOND training, they require less additional resources and represent excellent value for money.

DESMOND Ongoing Model - diabetes lifelong learning


DESMOND Ongoing will be a model of care integrating self management education with clinical management. Backed by funding from the NIHR Collaborative Leaderships in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) programme, the DESMOND Ongoing model is currently being piloted in research.


The model includes:



Let’s Prevent Diabetes


Preventing diabetes – a new intervention for people with pre-diabetes. Let’s Prevent is a structured education programme especially developed for those with pre-diabetes. The randomised controlled trial of this exciting prevention programme is in its final stages at the University Hospitals of Leicester Diabetes Research Team. Let’s Prevent follows the DESMOND model, and provides a 6-hour self-management structured education programme for anyone with impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). The curriculum focuses on understanding pre-diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes, how to prevent development to diabetes, understanding risks and complications of pre-diabetes, the benefits and practicalities of making positive lifestyle changes including physical activity, and food choices, followed by action planning.  


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