Lay Educator Training Released 

Read all about it training Lay Educators can help save you money!

Attention All Commissioners - Look At What Lay Educators Can Do For You!

Want to increase capacity for more participant courses, reach greater numbers of people with Type 2 diabetes, improve their outcomes, meet NICE quality standards and the QIPP agenda, and up-skill your staff, whilst cutting staff costs?


All sound too good to be true?


By training lay people and non-registered Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to deliver alongside your existing team of Educators, you can do all of this!


It is estimated that organisations could make savings of up to 27% on staff costs. By training Lay Educators you would need to release less time for clinical staff, which in turn means you would have capacity to run more courses and reach more patients, whilst improving the bio-medical outcomes. It would also give a chance for existing non-Lay DESMOND Educators to become Mentors.


This training initiative follows recent evidence form the DESMOND Lay Educator study. As part of our enhanced training and support pathway we offer:


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